Divinity Project

Blessed Sacrament Church,
New York City

Manhattan Camerata performing Pedro Henriques da Silva's arrangement of two Beatles songs: "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Within You Without You".

Jessica Kimple, Nils Nilsen, and Dmitri Ribero on vocals, Pedro da Silva on sitar, Lucia Caruso on organ, David Silliman on darbuka, Katie Andrews on harp, Alicia Horwitz on flute, Megan Marolf on oboe, Shanti Raval on clarinet, Amanda Lo and Louise Couturier on violin, Aleksandr Nazaryan on viola, Leat Sabbah on cello, Pablo Aslan on bass, and Thiago Tiberio conducting.


Venue?, New York City  

This composition was created five days before Lucia Caruso and Pedro Henriques da Silva's wedding, and most of the variations are improvised. The variations start in a Renaissance style changing throughout the ages until it climaxes in a 21st century style. 

Composed and performed by Lucia Caruso and Pedro Henriques da Silva, on harpsichord and Portuguese guitar, respectively.

"Nocturne for Ancestors"

Joyce Theatre, New York City

José Limón Dance Company commissioned directors Lucía Caruso and Pedro Henriques da Silva to compose “Nocturne for Ancestors”, a collaboration with renowned choreographer Seán Curran. This ballet was performed by the Manhattan Camerata at the Joyce Theatre in NYC with seven sold out performances in April 2014.


Blessed Sacrament Church, New York City 

Manhattan Camerata rehearsing Pedro Henriques da Silva's arrangement of the famous fado "Lisboa Antiga" in a tango version which was retitled "Viejo Buenos Aires".

With arguably the greatest living tango musician in the world Daniel Binelli on bandoneon, Pedro da Silva on guitar, Louise Couturier and Amanda Lo on violin, Flavio Gaete on viola, Analissa Martinez on cello, and Pablo Aslan on bass


Poisson Rouge, New York City 

Manhattan Camerata and special guest Fado singer Nathalie Pires.


Manhattan Camerata

Le Poisson Rouge, New York City

Pedro da Silva on guitar, Amanda Lo and Ernesto Villalobos on violin, Eric Lemmon on viola, Lauren Weaver on cello, and Pablo Aslan on bass.


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Lucia Caruso composed a new score to the short film “Reunited” by Zoya Baker. This was recorded live by the Manhattan Camerata.