One of the goals of Manhattan Camerata is to bridge various cultures and musical traditions connecting their similarities rather than their differences, inviting the listener travel to different musical worlds through carefully crafted programs. Manhattan Camerata approaches works via specific “Projects”. Thematic in scope, each project is inspired by elements translating to the visual arts, dance, literature, and film. 


Exploring the relationship between the sensuality of Argentine Tango and the passion of Portuguese Fado, Manhattan Camerata interweaves the traditional sounds of the bandoneón and Portuguese guitar at the very heart of both styles. Although Tango and Fado originate from two distant countries and differ in rhythm and instrumentation, they are closely related in harmony, melody, and lyrical themes. These concerts feature traditional Tangos, music by Astor Piazzolla, Amália Rodrigues, as well as original compositions by Daniel Binelli, Lucía Caruso, and Pedro H. da Silva.



Manhattan Camerata’s musical pilgrimage spans several religions, ages, and cosmologies. Through programs that evolve from Indian and Middle Eastern music to Medieval chants, to the Beatles’ most spiritual songs, the Divinity and Cosmos Project illustrates the interconnectivity of all things. In collaboration with renowned astrophysicist Jason Maron of American Museum of Natural History, Pedro H. da Silva incorporates various scientific methods musically representing the movement of celestial bodies. In these performances, Manhattan Camerata interlaces the spiritual sounds of the sitar and choir with the melodic rhythms of the Portuguese guitar and darbuka.


Manhattan Camerata transports the listener to a fantastical soundscape where magic is inseparable from nature, where Shakespearean fairies find their home, and where water nymphs sing. With the same reverence that the Druids regarded nature, the music is carefully crafted to depict contemplation, magic, and passion. In this musical journey, fantasy and nature are one and the same. Lucía Caruso and Pedro H. da Silva were commissioned to write several orchestral and chamber compositions related to nature for a world-wide art exhibit at Louvre Museum and Palace of Versailles in Paris and Kew Royal Palace in London. Manhattan Camerata performs these new works, along with compositions based on nature and fantasy themes by other noteworthy composers.